We are pleased to announce that Ramona Sakiestewa has been elected to the Tapestry Center’s board and Helena Hernmarck has become a trustee emerita. Both are superb tapestry weavers.”

Ramona Sakiestewa - Migration Series Tapestry
Following its June 2008 annual meeting in Tucson, the Gloria F. Ross Center for Tapestry Studies welcomed Ramona Sakiestewa (Santa Fe, NM) as the newest member of its Board of Trustees. A widely known weaver, multimedia artist and museum design consultant, she joins trustees Alice Zrebiec (president; Santa Fe, NM), Darienne Dennis (secretary; New York, NY), Margi Fox (treasurer; Bellingham, WA), Susan Brown McGreevy (Santa Fe, NM), Lotus Stack (Minneapolis, MN), and Sue Walker (Melbourne, Australia). For more about these individuals, click this link: Board of Trustees.

Illustration: Tapestry by Ramona Sakiestewa, from the “Migration” series. (Photo courtesy of the artist).


Hernmarck - Crumpled Paper Tapestry After completing a term on the board, artist and weaver Helena Hernmarck (Ridgefield, CT) now has an honorary appointment as trustee emerita with the GFR Center. Anthropologist Ann Bookman (Boston, MA) and tapestry weaver Archie Brennan (New York, NY) also hold emeritus status.

The Tapestry Center and its board members champion tapestry-related interests, coming from the disciplines of anthropology, art history, and studio art. Trustees have backgrounds in the art, museum, financial and business worlds and provide invaluable advice and guidance.

Illustration: Tapestry by Helena Hernmarck, “Crumpled Paper.” (Photo courtesy of Brown Grotta Arts).