Arizona State Museum by Dennis Nendza, 2010

The GFR Center for Tapestry Studies, Inc., has recently transformed into the newly formed Gloria F. Ross Tapestry Program at the University of Arizona, Tucson. Our staff energies and activities remain strong. The Center’s corporate assets have been transferred to the University of Arizona Foundation on behalf of this new entity, now an integral part of the University and still located on campus in the Arizona State Museum (ASM). This required detailed and protective legal arrangements with the New York State Attorney General, the Arizona Corporation Commission, the University’s Board of Regents, and the GFR Center’s Board of Trustees.


The mission of the new GFR Tapestry Program remains identical to that of the original Center: to foster the creative practice and cultural study of tapestry, handwoven worldwide from ancient to modern times. The GFR Tapestry Program remains devoted to research and public programming,” says program director Ann Hedlund.

We extend our deep appreciation to the Gloria F. Ross Foundation in New York, for its sustaining support over the past twelve years. We are grateful to GFR Center’s former Board of Trustees, who worked through the process of corporate dissolution and who were always ready to remind us of our most important goals—to continue sharing the wonderful world of textiles with as many people as possible. Thank you to Alice Zrebiec, Ramona Sakiestewa, Susan Brown McGreevy, and Margi Fox, outgoing (and outstanding!) trustees. Thanks also to Ann Bookman, Archie Brennan, Helena Hernmarck, Hal Einhorn, Lotus Stack, and Sue Walker, who were extremely helpful and encouraging during previous board terms. We are very grateful to our past Associates, who supported our many programs through their membership during the past twelve years.


In the meantime, our five-year project to produce a major book, Gloria F. Ross & Modern Tapestry, is in the design phase. The 376-page book with many brilliant color illustrations will be available from Yale University Press in autumn 2010; see their online catalogue. Watch for more about this soon!

Illustration: Arizona State Museum, 2010. Photo by Dennis Nendza.