We are extremely pleased to announce that the Joe Ben Wheat Southwest Textile Database has been redesigned and is available once again for public viewing! The entry website is an informational portal that you can access any time at Users’ Guide & Galleries. There you will find a button that takes you into the newly revised and protected FileMaker Pro database with 1300+ Navajo, Pueblo and Spanish American textiles that Dr. Wheat described and studied in fifty-two U.S. museum collections. 

Through the Contact Us page, please let us know how your explorations of both sites go and whether modifications are needed; we will be grateful for any and all troubleshooting and comments.

Due to Filemaker’s technical rules, we are presently restricted to five database users at any one time. You will always have access to our online Users’ Guide and Galleries (through the link above), but during this initial launch, with increased attention to the database by new viewers, some users may experience a slight wait time to move from there into the actual database. If access becomes an issue, please let us know, as this can be remedied in the future by purchasing more user licenses.