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Anuszkiewicz, Richard
Avery, Milton
Bearden, Romare
Davis, Gene
Davis, Stuart
Dubuffet, Jean
Feeley, Paul
Frankenthaler, Helen
Goodnough, Robert
Gottlieb, Adolph
Held, Al
Hofmann, Hans
Jenkins, Paul
Liberman, Alexander
Lindner, Richard
Louis, Morris
Marca-Relli, Conrad
Motherwell, Robert
Nevelson, Louise
Noland, Kenneth
Podwal, Mark
Poons, Lawrence (Larry)
Ross, Clifford
Ross, Gloria F.
Samaras, Lucas
Smith, Richard
Stella, Frank
Trova, Ernest T.
Wells, George
Youngerman, Jack

Richard Anuszkiewicz
(b. 1930, Erie, Pennsylvania), New York, NY
abstraction – line painting – optical illusion
Anuszkiewicz - <i>Purplish-Cool</i> Anuszkiewicz - Purplish-Warm

Avery, Milton
(b. 1885, Altmar, New York, d. 1965, New York, NY)
figurative – landscape – modernism
after Dunes & Sea II Avery - after Excursion on the Thames Avery - after Fir and Mountain

Romare Bearden
(b. 1911, Charlotte, NC, d. 1988, New York, NY)
collage maker – painter – writer
African-American – Harlem renaissance
Bearden - Mille Fleurs Bearden - Reflection Pond

Gene Davis
(b. 1920, Washington, DC, d. 1985, Washington, DC)
painter – printmaker
abstract expressionism – color field
G Davis - after Lincoln Center

Stuart Davis
(b. 1894, Philadelphia, PA, d. 1964, New York, NY)
American cubism – modernism – abstraction
S Davis - after Pad No 4 S Davis - after Punch-Card Flutter No 3 S Davis - after Report from Rockport
S Davis - after Seme

Jean Dubuffet
(b. 1901, Le Havre, France, d. 1985, Paris, France)
designer – painter – sculptor
l’art brut – pop art
Dubuffet - Tapis Dubuffet - Untitled (with personnage)

Paul Feeley
(b. 1910, d. 1966, Bennington, Vermont)
colorist – painter – sculptor
abstraction – pattern painting
Feeley - after Lacona Feeley - after Untitled (Yellow, Red)

Helen Frankenthaler
(b. 1928, New York, NY), New York, NY
painter -printmaker
abstract expressionism – stained canvas
Frankenthaler - 1969 Provincetown Study Frankenthaler - after Blue Yellow Screen Frankenthaler - after Buddhas Court
Frankenthaler - after Point Lookout (maquette) Frankenthaler -after The Cape Frankenthaler - after This Day
Frankenthaler - Untitled, Bank of America Commission Frankenthaler – Untitled Frankenthaler - Untitled, Westinghouse Broadcasting Commission
Frankenthaler - Untitled, Winters Tower Bank Commission (maquette)

Robert Goodnough
(b. 1917, Cortland, NY), New York, NY
collage maker – painter
abstract expressionism
Goodnough - Abstraction with Black Forms Goodnough - Red-Blue Abstractions Goodnough - Tapestry III

Adolph Gottlieb
(b. 1903, New York, NY, d. 1974, New York, NY)
abstract expressionism – modernism
Gottlieb - after Black Disc on Tan Gottlieb - Black Signs

Al Held
(b. 1928, Brooklyn, NY, d. 2005, Camerata, Italy), New York, NY
abstraction – concrete abstractions – hard-edge
Held - after Cultural Showcase

Hans Hofmann
(b. 1880, Weissenburg, Bavaria, d. 1966, New York, NY)
abstract expressionism – modernism
Hofmann - after To Miz-Pax Vobiscum Hofmann - Blue Loup Hofmann - Purple Loup

Paul Jenkins
(b. 1923, Kansas City, MO), New York, NY
abstract expressionism – poured paint – stained canvas
Jenkins - after Phenomena Mandala Spectrum Turn Jenkins - after Phenomena Peal of Bells Cross

Alexander Liberman
(b. 1912, Kiev, Russia, d. 1999, New York, NY)
abstract expressionism – hard-edge – sculptor
Liberman - after 41

Richard Lindner
(b. 1901, Hamburg, Germany, d. 1978, New York, NY)
illustrator – painter – print maker
German dada – pop art
Lindner - after Telephone

Morris Louis
(b. 1912, Baltimore, MD, d. 1962, Washington, DC)
abstract expressionism – poured paint
Louis - after Equator

Conrad Marca-Relli
(b. 1913, Boston, MA, d. 2000, Parma, Italy)
collage-maker – painter
abstract expressionism – cubism
Marca-Relli - after Multiple Image

Robert Motherwell
(b. 1915, Aberdeen, WA, d. 1991, Provincetown, MA)
collage maker – painter
abstract expressionism – automatism
Motherwell - after Elegy to the Spanish Republic No. 116 Motherwell - after Homage to Rafael Alberti-Blue Motherwell - after In Brown and White
Motherwell - after Spanish Elegy No. 78 Motherwell - Untitled, Westinghouse Broadcasting Commission

Louise Nevelson
(b. 1899, Kiev, Russia; d. 1988, New York)
collage maker – printmaker – sculptor
abstraction – surrealism
Nevelson - Desert Nevelson - Dusk in the Desert Nevelson - Landscape
Nevelson - Mirror Desert Nevelson -  Night Mountain Nevelson - Reflection
Nevelson - Sky Cathedral Nevelson - Sky Cathedral II Nevelson - The Late, Late Moon

Kenneth Noland
(b. 1924, Asheville, North Carolina, d. 2010, Port Clyde, ME)
abstraction – color field – line painting – shaped canvas
Noland - after Bell Noland - after Every Third Noland - after Seventh Night Arizona Sky–no photo currently available

Untitled–no photo currently available

Noland - after Silent Adios I or Rainbow Blanket Noland - Dazzler Noland - Four Corners
Noland - Games Noland - Hawkeye Noland - Jeddito
Noland - Line of Spirit Noland - Mood Indigo I Noland - Mood Indigo II
Noland - Morning Star Noland - Naatsiilid (Rainbow) Noland - Nizhoni Peak
Noland - Painted Desert Noland - Reflection Noland - Shooting Star
Noland - Times Arrow Noland - Twilight Noland - Twin Springs Canyon
Noland - Ute Canyon Noland - Ute Lake Noland - Ute Point
Noland - Untitled Noland - Valley

Mark Podwal
(b. 1945, Brooklyn, NY), New York, NY
artist – cartoonist – dermatologist – illustrator – writer
Podwol - Temple Emanu-El

Lawrence (Larry) Poons
(b. 1937, Tokyo, Japan)
abstraction – color field – op art – optical illusion

Clifford Ross
(b. 1952, New York, NY) New York, NY
painter – photographer – sculptor – writer
CRoss - after Big Johns Special

Gloria F. Ross
(b. 1923, New York, NY, d. 1998, New York, NY)
designer – tapestry éditeur
G Ross - Hour Glass G Ross - Rolling Stone G Ross - The Striped One
G Ross - Tulip

Lucas Samaras
(b. 1936, Kastoria, Greece), New York, NY
painter – performance artist – photographer – sculptor
Samaras - after Flowers 2

Richard Smith
(b. 1931, Hertfordshire, England), New York, NY
filmmaker – painter – sculptor
color field – pop art
(maquette) Smith - Cold Corner Smith - after Patty, Maxine, and Laverne

Frank Stella
(b. 1936, Malden, MA), New York, NY
abstraction – minimalism – pattern painting – shaped canvas
Stella - after Filn Flon XIII

Ernest T. Trova
(b. 1927, St. Louis, MO, d. 2009, St. Louis, MO)
painter – printmaker – sculptor
figurative – geometric exercises
Trova - Falling Man - Canto T

George Wells
(b. 19??. d. circa 1992), The Ruggery, Long Island, NY
designer – fiber (hooked rug) artist
Wells – Untitled A Wells – Untitled

Jack Youngerman
(b. 1926, Louisville, Kentucky), New York, NY
painter – printmaker
abstraction – hard-edge – minimalism – op art
Youngerman - Blackout Youngerman - Enter Magenta II

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