Q: I am looking for places to continue my education in tapestry. I have not found many places in the United States with long term tapestry courses or with degree programs. Do you have a list of places that have long term courses or degree programs?

Student at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

A: Thank you for your inquiry. Here is a relatively generic (but loaded) answer to your question. Please let us know what else you find out, so that we can update our information for others.

Many universities and colleges offer occasional courses in textiles, textile history, fiber arts, and weaving. Check for course listings at schools in your area online or in printed catalogues in the art, art history, anthropology, and human ecology (home economics, family studies, and related) departments. Formal courses of study and degrees related to textiles (but not specifically tapestry) are available at only a few universities; because these change from time to time, check websites for current information.

Workshops and short courses are frequently offered by local weaving guilds and by regional and national fiber arts organizations. Check on the worldwide web for guilds in your area or in those places you will be traveling.

Illustration: Student at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

and regional groups such as

Several private schools offer excellent seasonal training:

Best of luck in your search for stimulating and inspiring training!

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