The 12th Biennial Symposium of the Textile Society of American will be held on October 5-9, 2010, in Lincoln, Nebraska. There is a program and schedule at this link. Highlights regarding tapestry studies include:

Thursday, Oct. 7, 1:30 – 3:15 PM
Session 3 Negotiating the Handmade in a Cyber World—Arbor I (organized session)
Mary Lane, chair and discussant
> 1. Abetting the Handmade; Rebecca Stevens
> 2. Handwork as a Conceptual Strategy; Jane Kidd
> 3. Woven Images: All Techniques Considered; Tommye Scanlin
> 4. Future Reliquaries; Barbara Heller

Thursday, Oct. 7, GALLERY NIGHT
5:30-9:45 Buses circulate every 15-20 minutes from The Cornhusker Marriott to Galleries
American Tapestry Biennial 8 (ATB8) Reception, Elder Gallery, Nebraska Wesleyan University

Friday, Oct. 8, 10:15-12:00 PM
Session 3 From the Physical to the Metaphysical—Arbor I
> 1. The Landscape Tapestries of Louise Nevelson, 1972-1997; Ann Lane Hedlund (followed by 3 others papers on various topics)

Friday, Oct. 8, 2:00-4:30 PM
Site Seminar 2: University of Nebraska State Museum, the Cooper Gallery at Morrill Hall Exhibition: “A Turning Point: Navajo Weaving in the Late Twentieth Century.” Weaving demonstrations by Navajo weavers Martha Schultz, Lola S. Cody and Melissa Cody. [Exhibit is open Oct. 1 through Nov. 30, see below]

Saturday, Oct. 9, 1:30-3:15 PM
Session 3 Tapestry: Voices From the Past Lead into the Future—
Arbor I (organized session) Susan Iverson, chair and discussant
> 1. Geometric Abstraction in Pre-Columbian Tapestry and its Enduring Influence; Susan Iverson
> 2. Development of a Personal and Non-Pictorial Style in Contemporary Tapestry; Michael Rohde
> 3. Contemporary Interpretation of an Unusual Navajo Weaving Technique; Connie Lippert
> 4. Low Tech Transmission: European Tapestry to High Tech America; Christine Laffer

Hope to see many participants in Lincoln next week!